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2 December 2019

Students from Sacred Heart School, Preston, have recorded and launched their own CD, Music from the Heart.

Following a year of planning and with the help of teachers, former students and a local choir, the students had the experience of recording in a professional studio, Incubator Recording and Mastering Studio. The launch of the CD at The Thornbury Theatre provided the audience with a live preview of the recording.

‘The school choir has grown steadily at Sacred Heart over the past few years and we felt that by creating our CD, we would showcase the children’s beautiful voices and really try to capture the joy and magic that happens when singing together’, said the school’s music teacher, Kate Harris. ‘The CD includes past students as well as one of our church choirs as we wanted to include our Sacred Heart community in the recording.’

Following the launch, principal Mark Tierney was full of praise for the students. ‘You witnessed your children taking risks, some being challenged more than others, compromising, cooperating, working towards a shared goal and, most importantly, feeling capable and connected, with a very real sense of worth’, he said. ‘These are the skills and attitudes that are the foundation upon which all students grow, whether it be academic, social, spiritual and psychological, and are so important for their continued wellbeing.’

The students decided that funds from the CD launch would be donated to Rural Aid to support young people from rural communities learning a musical instrument.