Girl power recognition

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13 September 2019

Codie.Five female students from Salesian College, Sunbury, are eyeing off Silicon Valley after the group was declared the national secondary school winners of the 2019 Tech Girl Superhero challenge.

The challenge aims to increase participation of young women in the area of computer science and tries to break down the stereotypes that may prevent more girls from choosing STEM subjects.

The students designed a gender-neutral character named Codie. Its aim is to check in with young people and offer them a space to develop skills in reflection and breathing/de-escalation, as well as a planner to assist with time management.

‘These five students have put a tremendous amount of effort into designing this app to assist in developing positive coping strategies in young people’, said college principal, Mark Brockhus.

‘They developed “Codie” with primary school aged children in mind. It can be used as a tool for early intervention in mental health management.’

‘As part of the project, this group of young women spoke with industry leaders and local groups including our State Member of Parliament for Sunbury, Mr Josh Bull, and our own school’s wellbeing team.’