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The Horizons of Hope Leadership Strategy Statement defines the depth and breadth of Leadership in a Catholic school and is part of the suite of strategies under the Horizons of Hope Education Framework for the Archdiocese of Melbourne.

Leadership in a Catholic School brings the vision, mission, context and strategy into alignment in seeking to maximise student outcomes.

It offers school leaders a valuable tool for reflecting on both personal formation and leadership practice, regardless of whether they are aspiring to leadership or currently hold a position of leadership. The Leadership statement is not role-specific; it recognises leadership in Catholic schools as a human-centred endeavour, which is both complex and dynamic.

The statement is presented under five discrete but interconnected headings, which address how leadership is enacted in a Catholic school.

The faith formation of Catholic school communities is Christ-centred and integral to the role of a leader. Inherent in this lies the ongoing commitment to developing self and others.

Leaders in Catholic schools are charged with enacting inclusive policies and practices to accurately identify and support the diverse learning needs of all students, actively seeking to maximise outcomes for every student.

Leaders are agents of change who work collaboratively in pursuit of improvement and, in doing so, are constantly seeking to influence the behaviour of others.

Effective school leaders create the conditions for growth and progress, enabling others to understand their impact on student outcomes and seek constant improvement.

Leaders steward a complex array of resources in support of the core business of schools, learning and teaching. They remain ever conscious of the needs of tomorrow and the interaction between the present and future. They work towards good governance, taking account of both systemic and government policy guidelines.