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Pedagogy is often described as the art and science of how students will be taught and supported to learn.

The Greek roots of the word pedagogy – to lead a child – brings to mind the image of Greek pedagogues walking alongside their charges (Smith 2012). The origins of the word indicate that it is the relationship between a young learner and their teacher, as well as the relationship between learning and teaching that is critical (Loughran 2010, p. 36).

Pedagogy in a Catholic school is much more than the techniques and strategies which enable learning to take place (Siraj & Taggart 2014). Pedagogy in a Catholic school seeks to develop deep learning and to create animated learners, inspired by the Gospel and led by the Holy Spirit to act for justice and strive for the common good.

Pedagogy in a Catholic school asks everyone in the learning community to care for, to be in relationship with and to inspire others. It involves a learning community working and learning alongside each other and being present in all aspects of the learning process.