School Effectiveness

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A successful school has to engage all the people, all the powers, and all the capacities within it.

(Andy Hargreaves)


Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools  (MACS) works in partnership with our schools to strengthen their capacity to achieve the best educational outcomes for our students.

By considering the characteristics of effective schools and identifying their presence or absence, the educational outcomes within those schools can be developed and enhanced. Schools are supported to consider their specific objectives and are assisted to engage with evidence-based improvement measures. Data-informed assessments are made to determine how well or if particular objectives are met and these results support continuous improvement.

At the very heart of each Catholic school is a desire for the full flourishing of each student, across religious, physical, cognitive, emotional and social domains (Catholic Education Melbourne 2016). School effectiveness strives to enhance the capacity of schools in all these domains, through the association of inputs, processes and outcomes.