PAT system licence agreement for MACS schools

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14 February 2023

The Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) and Melbourne Archdiocese of Catholic Schools (MACS) established an agreement on January 9 to provide a system-wide licence for MACS schools to access the Progressive Achievement Test (PAT) assessment suite. Schools benefit from the agreement by having access to:

  • PAT Maths and PAT Reading Adaptive assessments with PAT data explorer
  • PAT Linear assessments (Reading 5th ed. and Maths 4th ed.)
  • ACER Social Emotional Wellbeing Survey (SEW)
  • PAT Essentials 2nd edition (one per school)
  • ACER helpdesk and professional learning – Online Assessment and Reporting System (OARS).

PAT data supports diagnostic, formative, and summative assessment in schools, while allowing for the tracking of trends in student achievement over time and identifying gaps in literacy and numeracy achievement. The inclusion of the Social and Emotional Wellbeing Survey allows schools to monitor the wellbeing of their students and target resourcing to specific areas of need.

Available to all MACS primary and secondary schools, the licence supports MACS 2030’s commitment to provide schools with equitable access to high-quality assessment resources, and supports schools with a coherent and systematic approach to student assessment.