School Speech Pathologist

Nazareth School

Principal:  Mrs Dena Reddan


Applications Close: at 4 pm 18/01/2021

Commencing on or after: 

Position: Catholic Education Staff

Type: Fixed Term

Hours per Week: Part-time


Role Description/Criteria

The speech pathologist plays an integral part to the holistic approach to education at Nazareth School. It is one which is supportive to staff, students and parents and is part of a multidisciplinary approach to student achievement at Nazareth School. The role of Nazareth’s speech pathologist is crucial to the Student Support Services Team.

The role is inclusive of;

  • Conducting screenings and diagnostic evaluations.
  • Working with children with a wide range of disabilities, from mild or moderate to severe and/or multiple disorders.
  • Providing services on an individual, small-group, or classroom basis to school-age children.
  • Working on listening, speaking, reading, writing, and learning strategies in general education classrooms
  • Collaborating with and training other professionals and parents to facilitate students' academic, communication, and social skills in an educational environment.
  • Serving on program planning and teacher assistance teams.
  • Writing reports and participating in annual review conferences.
  • Developing Personalised Learning Programs (PLPs), with Student Support Services Team
  • Completing documentation as required by federal, state, and local agencies
  • Attending Student Support Services Team Meetings, Learning Support Officer Team Meetings, Feedback meetings, Program Support Group Meetings (if required)
  • Organising and providing reports to present at Feedback Meetings
  • Serving as a consultant to other educators and related professionals.
  • Supervising support personnel in the school.
  • First aid supervision duties

The Speech Pathologist will be trained in a variety of areas and maybe in a position in a generalist role or may specialise in a particular area, for example:-  

  • Assessment and management of communication disorders including: 
  • Problems expressing ideas, thinking of words, using inappropriate words, forming sentences 
  • Difficulty understanding what is said 
  • Underlying problems with reading and writing 
  • Problems with the flow of speech 
  • Delayed or disordered language development 
  • Specific language impairment 
  • Social use of language and communication behaviour
  • Design and use of communication aids such as picture boards and computer-based systems.  
  • Provide education to students, families, the community and other staff members
  • Advocacy for clients and the community.

Salary Level

The salary range for the advertised position would be between ESB 3/1 - ESB 4/6 of the VCEMEA 2018

To apply

Please provide a letter of application, resume and names of at least three referees to Mrs Marcelle Wrigley,

Application Procedures

Please forward applications to


Address: 14 - 16 Griffith Street

Phone: 5243 0502


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