Prayer flags at St Joachim’s

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Students and families at St Joachim's School making prayer flags18 August 2016

My prayer flag is about loving everyone. Peace is the key to unlock the badness of the world.
Ethan, Grade 4

A couple of weeks ago, at St Joachim's School, Carrum Downs, we celebrated our school feast days of St Anne and St Joachim. In preparation of this feast our staff, students and parents made prayer flags.

My prayer flag is a picture of a tree which represents my family. Love, happiness, and prayer are words I used to send out to the world to be a better family.
Jarred Grade 4

Our students did an outstanding job of making their prayer flags. They went through the whole thought process of what their hopes and dreams are for themselves, their family, community and world.

On my prayer flag I chose kindness and happiness.
Chelsea Grade 4

It was a sensational and a spiritual experience for our entire school community.