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22 August 2016

For the third year in a row Antonine College, Pascoe Vale South, is the Victorian state winner of the Read More In May Challenge conducted by Scholastic. The school retain the perpetual shield for another year and received $500 of books for the library. In addition, 16 students were among the state’s most well read, each receiving $100 book vouchers from Scholastic and our Year 6B class had the highest number of reading minutes for Victoria. Some of the 6B students describe their experience of the reading challenge below.

The Read More in May Challenge winners from Antonine College

The Read More In May Challenge was to get people to read much more than they usually would and record the number of minutes spent reading each day. At the end of the month the total minutes read during the whole month of May are added for the chance to win prizes. I applied myself by reading throughout all the spare time I had. I love reading because it gives me a chance to explore my imagination which I love doing. It is also very relaxing. Even though the challenge is over I still read every chance I get because reading is a big part of my life.
Saad Abboud, 6B 

I love to read, so I would read three to four hours a day, but I found that I needed a break after about two hours before continuing my reading. I still do read because reading opens your mind and it improves your vocabulary. Thank you for the Challenge!
Daniella El Tawil, 6B 

I took on the challenge and my library teacher encouraged me every step of the way. What I enjoy most about reading is that it’s interesting because you have the opportunity to visualise characters and events by using your imagination.
Jana Diab, 6B 

I applied myself to the challenge because it was a fun challenge and I like reading very interesting and intriguing books that capture my attention. I enjoy reading because it allows me to experience a different reality and this helps me to cope with any difficulties that are happening around me. It also helps me to develop greater empathy towards others by allowing me to put myself in the shoes of different characters in the novel. I still read books after the challenge because I simply love reading.
Batool Alzind, 6B 

I applied myself to the challenge by borrowing more books from the library that sounded intriguing. I enjoy reading because I learn many new words and it improves my grammar. I still read a lot now.
Angelo Hawas, 6B 

I had applied myself to this challenge by setting myself a new goal, which was to beat the score that I had achieved last year. I decided that I would read more books than ever. I wanted to achieve the highest possible result. I enjoy reading because you learn more about people and the world and it gives you the opportunity to enhance your emotional intelligence. As Dr Seuss said, ‘The more you read, the more things you will know, the more that you learn, the more places you will go’. I still read as much as I did back in the month of May, so that I can achieve more and more in my life.
Matthew Ahmar, 6B