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09 December 2016

A group of six Year 4 students from St Thomas the Apostle Primary School in Greensborough North have tackled the issue of animal welfare in the best waySt Thomas the Apostle students with cupcakes to fundraise for the RSPCA they know – with cupcakes.

After a family pet was senselessly shot by a stranger, the students decided to band together to hold a fundraiser for the RSPCA.

'We came up with this idea all on our own,' Eliza, aged 10, said, 'and organised it on our own.

'We only really asked for permission to do this and asked our teacher to help us cook.'

The group sourced eggs from the school chook run – and even drafted their own media release to publicise the fundraiser, catching the eye of the local newspaper,
the Diamond Valley Leader (7 December).

Teacher Christine Moore was full of praise for their efforts. 'We at St Thomas are so proud of our students,' she said. 'They have been able to use their cooking skills from our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Programme to bake for the whole school.'

The sale raised over $500.