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5 December 2016

Students sell ice cream raising money for asylum seekersBy Sanghaya Creo, Year 9 student at Caroline Chisholm Catholic College  

The Languages Club of Caroline Chisholm Catholic College’s Christ the King campus, in collaboration with the College Social Justice Team, held a fundraiser for people seeking asylum. The Club sold four flavours of ice cream: strawberry, chocolate, black sesame and green tea, to represent Italy and Japan, which are the languages studied within the school.

The event was organised and led by two Year 9 students, Sanghaya Creo and Jennifer Dang, and
took several weeks of patience and hard work for it to be as successful as it was. The idea came to them when they wanted to celebrate the cultures of Italy and Japan a final time with the campus, before moving to the senior campus next year. As the summer season was approaching, Sanghaya and Jennifer thought that ice cream would be appealing to the girls of Christ the King.Jennifer and Sanghaya, organisers of the event

Donating to an organisation that helps people seeking asylum was first suggested when Sanghaya went to a student forum, and the Circle of Silence event, and was able to meet a person who had been a refugee. From then, there was no question of where their proceeds would go to.

The girls felt that it was a cause that needed to have more light shed on it and for the young ladies of Christ the King campus to know about and support. They felt strong about the subject, especially with the events happening these days with the refugees and asylum seekers’ treatment in Nauru and Manus Island.

The day was successful, with all the flavours being sold out by the end of lunch break. A long line of students filled the quadrangle to have a taste of the LOTE Club’s ice cream.

‘The ice cream tasted very good and I couldn’t get enough of it,’ said Sofia Ramirez, customer and One happy customerstudent of Christ the King Campus.

The girls managed to raise over $200 for the organisation.

Jennifer Dang said, ‘It was a great experience and an enjoyable challenge. We are very proud of the success we’ve had and the support that the campus and teachers have given us.’