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9 December 2016

While many students are thinking about the end of the school year, some have their minds firmly focused on 2017. Among them are new school leaders, St Therese's School, Essendon new school captains and vice-captains with principal Chris Gleesonparticularly the captains and vice-captains of St Therese’s School, Essendon, who have their sights set on taking on these important roles when the school's returns at the end of January.

Newly elected captains Laura and Julian, along with vice captains Siena and Oscar, were called to principal Chris Gleeson’s office last Wednesday morning to find out the exciting news. Among the frantic (and emotional) phone calls to parents, the new student leaders were able to spare a few moments to pose for photos and share some of their hopes for 2017.

‘It feels like a great honour to have been chosen by my peers,’ said co-captain, Julian, ‘and I’m so overjoyed,’ continued Laura. The leadership team have some big plans for 2017 including the promotion of anti-bullying campaigns and encouraging everyone in the school to try their best.

Identifying kindness, courage and trust as the important qualities for leaders, the captains and vice-captains had an important message for all of the students at St Therese’s.


Everyone's a leader, no matter what. Just try your best.