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11 February 2016

Last year, St Catherine’s Primary School in Moorabbin was jointly awarded the ‘i sea, i care (ISIC) School of the Year, 2015’, together with Mentone Primary Staff and students from St Catherine's receive their awardSchool, Mentone. This program is a chance to learn and educate people about sustainability and its focus for learning about this is by looking at our Bay.

At St Catherine's we feel it is important to educate all students about the impact of rubbish on our Earth and its future. We learnt that it is quite simple to look after and care for the environment. This is important to everyone who lives on Earth because we all share it and need a healthy Earth to take care of us.

The ISIC program teaches us how to look after our environment as well as reducing our ecological footprint through rubbish reduction. During the year, our ISIC Ambassador Coordinator, Mrs Surace takes us to visit various places and we learn about the damage we, as humans, have done to the environment.

After every trip we have the opportunity to share and teach what we had learnt with the students at St Catherine’s. We also participated in the Dolphin Research Institute’s biggest fundraiser in support of Western Port Bay and raised money towards conservation. We also adopted a dolphin by working very hard on a school-based fundraiser. The money raised goes towards caring for the dolphins in Port Phillip Bay.

While we were proud to be part of the program and receive an award, it was never a competition with others. ISIC is a program that helps build everyone's awareness about the need to care for the Earth and help our animals, plants and ourselves to live in a better, more sustainable world.

Receiving the recognition by Kingston Council felt like all our hard work paid off. We had worked hard throughout the year to help others understand what it means to be sustainable.

Our wish for the future is that we will reduce rubbish going into landfill, that our animals and plants are protected from extinction and that our Earth is here to enjoy for future generations.