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27 June 2016

This project allows us to make a visual representation of what we need to fix in this world and gives the audience an image they can relate to and act upon.Student from Siena College studying in class
Lauren, Year 10

The Art for Justice program at Siena College invites students to create a digital artwork with the aim of deepening their understanding of a current social justice issue. Their artwork will also act as a social commentary tool and vehicle for empowerment.

I wanted to raise awareness about education, that not everyone gets one and that not all education is as good as it could be. It must be so hard to be illiterate and not be able to read bills, letters and even be able to get jobs so they can earn money for their families.
Hannah, Year 8

Students will create a digital print that can be abstract, realistic or mutli-layered, that is connected with a social justice issue. In fortnightly workshops they develop their concepts and refine their works.

I have selected mental illness as the topic for my ‘Art for Justice’ digital artwork. It is a topic that I am both fascinated with and personally connected to. I wanted to visually capture the importance of being aware of mental health issues and the positive significance that music can have on mental health.
Margaret, Year 10

Three final edition signed prints of their artwork will be submitted in November 2016, one for the student, one for their school and one that will form part of a travelling exhibition of all student’s work from participating schools. The exhibition will travel to each of the participating schools in early 2017.

I want my artwork to continue to drive for a cure for cancer, but also to encourage unconditional support to people, and their families, who are struggling with this disease.
Lauren, Year 10