Siena College principal receives award

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24 November 2016

Gaynor Robson-Garth, Principal at Siena College, Camberwell, strongly believes that staff professional development is central to the growth of the individual,Gaynor Robson-Garth, principal at Siena College, Camberwell the team and the school. She has invested much time in promoting professional development at Siena and has recently been recognised for these efforts by being awarded a John Laing Award for Professional Development.

Ms Robson-Garth set up a professional learning structure and a dedicated professional learning position to enhance, encourage and support the professional development of staff at the school. The main areas of learning have included: Faith/Mission and Leadership, Learning and Teaching, Student Wellbeing, Administrative Development and Community Development.

'Our work as educators is a collaborative endeavour', said Ms Robson-Garth. 'I am honoured to receive the John Laing Award and acknowledge the many colleagues I have been privileged to work with at all levels, both within Siena College, at Board level, system level, across education sectors and in the associations and networks that I am a member of. I have learned much from them. As a Principal, I am also in a privileged position to be able to support and enable the leadership of others.'

The annual John Laing Awards for Professional Development acknowledge principals in every state and territory who demonstrate outstanding leadership in providing professional learning in schools. They celebrate the contribution of school leaders who have undertaken, and supported the professional learning of teachers and other school leaders.