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11 October 2016

By Sylvia, Hana, Alicia and Lia, students at St Gregory the Great School, Doncaster

In Term 2, 2016, the Mini Vinnies team at St Gregory the Great entered an art competition called ‘Just Art.’ Our topic was ‘Asylum Seekers and Refugees: Screenshot of the award-winning short film from St Gregory the GreatStories of Humanity.’ The topic was to raise awareness for the Asylum Seekers and Refugees struggling to have equal rights. We are raising awareness of this by showing our thoughts and empathy, through something everyone can understand, Art.

We had a choice of writing, or creating media, visual or performing arts.

Everyone was so dedicated that they gave up their lunch times to complete their work. Our group chose to record and film a short movie, in the area of Performing Arts. We chose Performing Arts, because we wanted to be different to most people in Mini Vinnies, who had chosen to use Visual Arts to express this situation.

The person who supported and supplied us with costumes, crops and a camera was our school music teacher, Mr Hoyne. He was the one who started everything, and had advised us with suggestions to go along with the script.

Our film (see below) was about Asylum Seekers and the obstacles they go through, for freedom and just rights.

People entered the competition from all over Victoria, from primary schools, high schools, and beyond. We all wanted to make a change for those who can’t, and find a voice for those who don’t have the power to make a difference.

Another reason we try and help Asylum Seekers and Refugees is because everyone has dignity and they deserve to and have a right to freedom as a part of this dignity.

After lots of work, we all finished and entered our masterpiece to the Saint Vincent De Paul Society of Victoria. Our group was one of the finalists and so was another group. We were invited to an Awards night on the 25th of August.

We arrived and were stunned by all the amazing artworks that everyone had created. It was a magical evening with lots of laughter. We were all inspired by all the artworks and videos everyone had done. There was a wall of hands that had meaningful quotes, and anyone could make them.

Unbelievably, our group was announced as the winners for the Performing Arts, for the primary school-aged students. All the mixed emotions and feelings were swirling around our minds.

We are so proud at our achievements, and believe that everyone at our school are winners!

Other winners of the Vinnies Just Art Competition include: 

  • Shereen D’Costa, Sacred Heart Girls’ College, Oakleigh: A Big Message in a Little Bottle – Winner, Visual Arts (Secondary School Age) 
  • Maria Nguyen, Our Lady of Mercy College, Heidelberg: Prospect – Winner, Media (Secondary School Age) 
  • Elizabeth Stockdale, St Anne’s School, Sunbury: Leaving Home – Winner, Creative Writing (Primary School Age).