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18 April 2017Star of the Sea students with their Spirit of Anzac certificates

By Adele Nicolas, Star of the Sea College, Brighton 

In Year 9, our campus is in the old Anzac Hostel. Throughout the year, we learn about the Anzacs war efforts in Gallipoli. When I heard about the Premier's Spirit of Anzac competition I was inspired to enter.

I entered a poem in the form of a video. The poem was from the point of view of a woman through various periods of her life. It starts with her having to see her father off to WWI, her husband off to WWII and finally her grandson in the Vietnam War. The video was of a girl walking towards the shrine, symbolising the current generation.

When I found out I won I could not believe it. I was ecstatic and excited for the trip in April. I knew that this would be an unforgettable experience and I couldn’t wait for it to begin.

When the day had arrived for our departure, I promised myself I would make the most of the trip by embracing the Singapore culture and discovering more about the Anzac legend.

I learned something new every day on the trip. We learnt about the Anzacs war efforts in Darwin and how important it is to this day. We also went into more detail about the days leading up to the bombing of Darwin and the aftermath of the event.

Singapore was better than I could have ever imagined. We were excited because we didn’t know what each day would unfold. When most Australians think of war they either think of Gallipoli or the Western front, and yes, while they are important events in our history, the history in Singapore is not as known. We learnt about the lead up to the Fall of Singapore and consequences of the prisoner of war camps.

It was an unforgettable experience and I am so grateful for the opportunity I had. I made lots of friends and memories on the trip and I encourage everyone to discover the significance of the Anzac history as it is important that it is passed on from generation to generation so that we don’t forget how they shaped our nation.

Adele was one of three students from Star of the Sea College to win the Premier’s Spirit of Anzac Prize Overseas Study Tour, including Catherine Forsyth and Sophie Scott. 

Bronte Crettenden from Genazzano FCJ College, Kew, was another recipient of the Prize. Read her prize winning essay on the Genazzano website.