Principal of Assumption wins Award

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6 December 2017

Kathryn Fogarty, Principal of Assumption College, Kilmore, has been officially recognised for her dedication to education and professional learning in the Image of Assumption College, Kilmore, Principalannual John Laing Awards for Professional Development, managed by the Principals Australia Institute.

In her time at the helm of Assumption College, Ms Fogarty has sought to significantly transform the teaching and learning focus of the College. She has led co-educational schools in rural Victoria over the last decade and is committed to building strong rural communities through the empowering of the school leaders and staff. She believes strongly in the need to ensure that young staff in particular are being appropriately formed to lead educational change.

Ms Fogarty is regarded by her peers as having significantly transformed the teaching and learning focus since she started at Assumption College in 2015. She has been able to transform the way staff view education. This has had a powerful impact on the way that staff engage with students, interact with peers and use evidence based practices aimed to raise the standard of teaching.

Ms Fogarty celebrates the leadership actions displayed by others and is particularly very affirming of those who show leadership skills without an official leadership ‘title’. She encourages all of her staff to be aspirational, regardless of age, gender or years of service. This has had a significant impact on the mindset of staff. Just this year alone there are 15 teachers from the College undergoing further university study, most in the area of Educational Leadership.

The John Laing Awards acknowledge principals in every state and territory who demonstrate outstanding leadership in providing professional learning in government, Catholic and independent schools. They celebrate the contribution principals make to support the professional learning and development of teachers and other school leaders.