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13 February 2017

By Justine Shachar, Cluster Engagement Leader, Boon Wurrung Cluster 

A cluster is a group of schools that work together for a specific purpose. In 2016 the Boon Wurrung Family School Partnerships (BWFSP) cluster of eight Image 1 - Filmmakers Tom Carvasso and Olivia Crcic from John Paul College, Frankston. Image 2 - Image from the film from St Jude's Primary, Langwarrin.Catholic schools in and around the Frankston area, collaborated to produce a short film (below) to highlight the value of working together to improve educational outcomes for young people.

The film was produced by two talented John Paul College students Olivia Grcic and Tom Carvosso, in partnership with students from the primary schools in the cluster.

Tom said, ‘It was a great experience, working with the primary school students, I got a lot out of discussing the questions with them and the film showed us how much students get out of having partnerships at school’.

The priority for the BWFSP cluster is to engage families and community in the education of their young people. We want families to feel like they have a place in our schools, and to give them a voice when it comes to their child’s education.

We want to develop a sense of a Foundation to year 12 community so young people and their families feel connected and supported the whole way through their education. Research continually highlights the positive impact family and community engagement has on improving student outcomes.

St Joseph’s School, Chelsea, parent Rhiny Davies says, ‘The school has provided many opportunities to view and participate in my children's learning. All of these experiences, as well as building respectful relationships with my children's teachers, has left me feeling very connected to their learning, and that my voice is heard and valued at their school.’

As a cluster we share our resources and problem-solve together and we learn together. We network and collaborate with community organisations. We have open conversations with families on school improvement, we have staff and parents working together not just on fundraising but on learning and how it can be supported in the home.

Families can go on learning walks, have learning conversations and are considered an integral part of their child’s educational journey. The film showcases the value of working in partnership with each other and the positive impact this has on the students and their learning.

Film-maker Olivia said, ‘Our film was heaps of fun to put together and the ideas given by the younger students really impressed us. We saw how this idea of partnerships has developed and progressed from when we were in primary school.’

Schools involved in cluster:

  • John Paul College, Frankston
  • St Augustine’s School, Frankston
  • St Anne’s School, Seaford
  • St Joseph’s School, Chelsea
  • St Francis Xavier School, Frankston
  • St Jude’s School, Langwarrin
  • St John’s School, Frankston East
  • St Joachim’s School, Carrum Downs.