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8 March 2017

At the end of 2016 Mount Lilydale Mercy College (MLMC) took out a top music award for producing the best and most wide-ranging album of the yearMount Lilydale Mercy College students with their Kool Skool awards
– being named ‘the Koolest Skool’ – for their CD titled ‘Takeaway’.


MLMC’s students also took home several individual Kool Skool awards:
Best Female Vocalist: Montana Drieberg (Yr 12)
Best R&B Song: Charli Lilagan (Yr 9)
Special Judges Award for Singer /Songwriter: Grace Fahey (Yr 10)
Best Cover Art: Marlee Carter

Participating in the Kool Skools program for the second year was an amazing experience. The amount of money, dedication and care that is put into the program in order for students to professionally record their own music and have it produced is a dream to many musicians. 

For Mount Lilydale to take the title of the Koolest Skool is 2016 was incredibly gratifying and I know that we are all so honoured to be taking part in the program. To be awarded best RnB track for my song Love Tragedy was again, extremely humbling and I think it’s so important for students to strive for their best and for greatness. All of the schools involved have such talented students and I am very grateful for the experience. Charli Lilagan 

Kool Skools is a songwriting project run by Studio 52 in Collingwood that offers students across Victoria the opportunity to write and record their songs in a professional recording facility with some of Australia’s top Sound Engineers and Music Producers.

The best part of Kool Skools, apart from being able to see how a professional studio works, is being able to spend time with people who love the same thing as you, and working with them not only on our own ideas but seeing the awesome things that they are coming up with. 

For me it was really special to talk with the guys at Studio 52, as I would love to work in the music and sound engineering industry when I finish school, and the Kool Skools program allows an extraordinary insight into what the industry is like. Chloe De Groot 

Studio 52 has recorded some of Australia’s most well-known artists including Jimmy Barnes, Kasey Chambers, The Masters and Apprentices, Missy Higgins and The Wiggles to name a few.

The idea of Kool Skools is beautiful in itself, helping young musicians to get an idea of what the entertainment industry is like whilst still promoting the art of song writing at the same time. 

For me Kool Skools was one of the greatest experiences of my life, being around so many other people who share a common passion for singing, playing songs and creating music. It was extraordinary to see how much our hard work and effort had paid off through the immense number of awards that our school and our students received. If I could, I would do it again in a heartbeat. Bohdi Lindsay