Multicultural Day at St Peter Julian Eymard

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10 November 2017St Peter Julian Eymard's Multicultural Day

St Peter Julian Eymard, Mooroolbark, enjoyed their inaugural Multicultural Day on 17 October 2017 organised by the school’s Italian language teachers.

The day started with an assembly followed by a variety of activities, including flag waving to the Song of Joy, international dances, foods and a guest speaker.

The foods were provided by parents and one teacher from the following countries/cultures:

Grades 1 &2 had:
South Korean sushi; Indian lassi; Zimbabwean sausage, beans and cornmeal; Italian pizzelle; Indonesian es campur; and Croatian crepes.

Grades 3 & 4 had:
Lebanese tabouli; Dutch doughnuts, cheeses, chocolates and licorice; Italian pasta al forno; Greek tzatziki; Burmese rice with beef; and Mauritian tart and biscuits.

School Principal, Maria Bast, said, ‘The highlight may well have been the culinary delights sampled by the Junior and Middle Level classes. Thanks to the mums who accepted the invitation to be a part of this’.

Thomas C (Grade 3) agreed that the food was a highlight and said, ‘Multicultural Day was good because we got to try different foods that we would not even know existed’.

Guest speaker, Signor Luigi Fotia’s presentation was titled ‘Dreams from a suitcase’ bringing his original one suitcase with mementos of immigration adventures collated through the Yarra Valley Italian Cultural Group Inc. of which he is the chairperson.

The students had a great appreciation for what they were celebrating that day and Caitlin F (Grade 4) said, ‘Multicultural Day is a good idea because we all should celebrate diversity’.

One parent commented that ‘it was great to hear all the news from Mati about their adventures to different lands/taste sensations – she tried things she would never have tried at home!’