Leap of faith

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Students from Simonds Catholic College, West Melbourne,being welcomed into the Catholic faith at St Mary Star of the Sea Church in West Melbourne16 November 2018

In front of family members and the school community, ten students from Simonds Catholic College, West Melbourne, have been welcomed into the Catholic faith at St Mary Star of the Sea Church in West Melbourne.

In a Mass celebrated by Monsignor Greg Bennet, with Parish Priest Fr Anthony Bernal, six of the boys were baptised before all ten received the sacrament of Confirmation. The Mass followed months of preparation, with students meeting before school and during lunch breaks to learn more about the Catholic Tradition.

‘We have a number of boys who aren’t Catholic here. They always feel very included during Mass, but some of them have taken the next step to become Catholic’, said college Principal Peter Riordan. ‘I think that speaks volumes for our school.

‘Today meant a lot to me. It was months of preparation before school to lead to this moment, but it was all worth it’, said student Luca. ‘Today’s sacraments mean that I have now become Catholic and I have Jesus by my side’, said another student, Andrew.

Religious Education teacher Andrew Sciberras helped the students in their preparation. ‘It was a great privilege to take part in this journey with the students. For them this is a beginning, not an end. I’m deeply moved by their willingness to make this commitment.’

For Principal Peter Riordan, the Mass was not only about the commitment of the ten candidates today – it was for the whole community. ‘I was fortunate enough to be able to look at the other students during Mass today and I can see their friends were proud to see them receiving the sacraments. The whole school community was proud of them today.’