Insect Hotels

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26 February 2019

Students from St Joseph’s School, So working on a sustainability project called ‘Insect Hotels’.Students from St Joseph’s School, Sorrento, have been working on a sustainability project called ‘Insect Hotels’ in partnership with members of the Point Nepean Men’s Shed.

The shed’s Terry Phippen and his skilful band have been making insect hotels for the children at St Joseph’s to pack full of natural materials to encourage biodiversity in their garden.

Students involved in the project described it as being a lot of fun, and credited it with helping the school continue its mission of protecting the environment and practising sustainability.

‘Insects can breed, hide and feel safe and it helps with the school’s biodiversity’, said Maisie, a sustainability student at the school.

Teacher Jane Byrne said the partnership between the Men’s Shed and St Joseph’s is a valuable one as ‘it enhances and contributes to the school’s environment, and supports the Catholic philosophy of the interconnectedness and interdependence of life on our planet’.