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28 June 2019

Students from Annunciation School, Brooklyn, responded to the challenge of becoming ‘spirit-filled people’ by providing baby clothes for new parents.

Following a successful fundraising drive, the Year 3 and 4 students put together care packs of clothing and supplies for new mothers who are experiencing financial hardship. The students visited their local Kmart where they were able to buy a selection of baby clothes, with Kmart also donating books to include in the care packs. Families and staff from the school also shared pre-loved infant clothing to include in the packs.

For the students, the motivation to help grew as they discovered more about hospitals. ‘Sometimes you don’t appreciate how much hospitals do for people’, said one of the students. ‘It helped us show how much we care for these babies and their parents.’

Linda and Susan from Mercy Health were invited to the school to collect the care packs and explain to students how their care packs will make a difference to the lives of new mothers.

For Principal Robyn Kelly, encouraging students to think of others has its own reward. ‘You see the joy they get out of doing it’, she said. ‘It’s great to see students from a small school doing big things.’