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2020 Creative Arts Exhibition4 May 2020

Congratulations to the winners of the People’s Choice Awards at the 2020 Creative Arts Exhibition.

Held as a digital experience in 2020, the exhibition consisted of over 650 artworks from 147 schools. Following the announcement of the awards, visitors to the digital experience were invited to vote for their favourite artwork by primary and secondary students. Congratulations to the People’s Choice Award winners Nicole Kihumba from Mother of God School, Ardeer, for her work Odd One Out and Katia Pietrolungo from Ave Maria College, Aberfeldie, for her work Women’s Rights Campaign.

Odd One Out: This self-portrait was created to depict my identity – that I am unique and creative. I was inspired by Australian South Sudanese artist, Atong Atem. I created spiral designs using thin brushstrokes to show my American and African heritage. I used paint and my imagination.

Women’s Rights Campaign: This print product consists of the theme, women’s rights, working to empower the female audience and educate them of the rights that they’re entitled to. The structure of the work is designed to guide the audience on a journey, where they become informed but also gain the confidence to defend themselves in situations where they may be held back because of their gender. By combining a diverse group of women with the colour element of pink, the product rejects the social conventions of femininity by reclaiming this girlish colour as a symbol of power that comes with being a woman.