Christ the King School set to build a new Prep learning centre

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for Christ the King School, Newcomb's new Prep learning centre plans.21 October 2020

Great news for Christ the King School, Newcomb, which has been awarded fast-tracked funding of $1.062 million under the Non-Government Schools Capital Fund to build a new Prep learning centre with an adjacent flexible learning hub. ‘We’re thrilled that we’ve been given this opportunity and this will be the final step in our current master plan’, said principal Josephine Blackley.

‘We’ve had ongoing enrolment demand with more Preps coming in and many families seeking to come to Christ the King. It is going to create fantastic opportunities for our students and also for our teachers, who will be better able to personalise learning for students with these more contemporary facilities. It is really great news for our community as a whole. We really appreciate the support of the Victorian Government. They have shown through this grant that they believe in our community and are helping us to get where we need to be.’

Mrs Blackley has been involved in three building projects in her career in education and says she has learned a lot about the process along the way. ‘I am hopeful because this project will support local builders, local industries and our local economy. It is good for everyone in the community.’

On top of the government contribution, the school has contributed $260,300 bringing the total project budget to $1,322,300. ‘We’re ready to go, with a planning permit in place, starting in May and finishing in October, ready for the new Preps in 2022.’