Kolbe Catholic College delivers 500 face masks and heartfelt thanks

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17 September 2020

Kolbe Mask Making ProjectKolbe Catholic College, Greenvale Lakes, has coordinated a project to produce and deliver face masks to frontline health workers, and needy individuals and organisations in its local community.

With the support of community members and service organisations, an initial 500 masks have been produced and delivered today, along with heartfelt notes of thanks from college students. The masks are primarily being distributed to frontline staff of Northern Hospital Epping and their needy homecare clients, and being combined with treats and other personal items as part of care packages.

‘I truly thank the frontline workers for your acts of courage and selflessness to help the community. You’re the true heroes in this world and I hope you stay safe while performing these actions. The world needs you the most and you deserve lots of love!’ said Natasha, a Year 10 student.

‘Thank you for never giving up for us. Thank you for helping us. Thank you for keeping us safe. Thank you for everything you do. We appreciate you a lot more than you think’, said Mary Ann, Year 8.

‘Thank you so much for all your hard work and support during this difficult time. Your humility, kindness and strength are greatly appreciated. Thank you for being our hero in the face of this adversity’, said Yousif, Year 7.

‘Thank you so much for dedicating yourselves to those in need and putting aside your own safety for the sake of others. Thank you for being heroes’, said Mae, Year 7.

Principal Nick Scully said the college decided to launch ‘The Kolbe Mask Making Project’ with the aim of making as many masks as possible to be donated to needy local community members and those providing essential services. ‘During 2020, we have clearly faced many challenges, but these challenges have also brought opportunities to reach out and help each other’, he said.

‘In addition to contributing to the health and safety effort, the project also aims to help lift the morale of our frontline health workers and let them know they are greatly appreciated. We also hope the production efforts bring participants some joy and satisfaction in making a community contribution.’

Mr Scully said the masks produced would be made to comply with the relevant health and safety standards.

Kolbe College’s strong focus on community service is inspired by the example of its patron, St Maximilian Kolbe, who emulated service to others throughout his life.