We walk hand in hand

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9 December 2021

St Thomas More's SchoolThe Prep students at St Thomas More’s School, Hadfield, have developed their own Acknowledgment of Country.

The school’s youngest students and their teachers created the acknowledgment to educate and empower the junior children to understand and pay respect to the Indigenous community. It was an example of them taking action as part of an inquiry exploring what it meant to be part of our community.

‘Here is the land and here is the sky, here are our friends and here am I’, begin the Prep students. ‘We play today on traditional land of our First Nation people. We walk hand in hand.’

‘The acknowledgment was a way our students could not only connect with our school community, but it provided an important learning moment about the rich Indigenous history of the land on which our school stands’, said Learning & Teaching Leader, Kate Korber. ‘We’re so proud of them, and we can’t wait to see how it will inspire our 2022 Prep students.’

This acknowledgment is being used by the St Thomas More’s School community at the beginning of school gatherings.