Top Arts: Macquarie Group People’s Choice Award (second prize)

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22 July 2021

Greta Lineham's artwork.Artist Greta Lineham from St Aloysius College, North Melbourne, took out people’s choice second prize in this year’s Top Arts exhibition.

Part of the Season of Excellence, Top Arts showcases the exceptional work of students who have completed Art or Studio Arts as part of their Victorian Certificate of Education. Comprising work selected from applicants across Victoria, the exhibition encompasses a range of media, including drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, digital and mixed media. Visitors to the exhibition are invited to vote for their favourite artwork, which earned Greta second prize in the Macquarie Group People’s Choice Awards.

‘I utilised black ballpoint in a gestural, erratic manner – with varied pressures and angles of the pen – to encapsulate the individuality and hardships of all women hidden behind the statistics’, said Greta. ‘Although I was working small-scale for each individual portrait, I drew 100 portraits in total – each with their own details and embellishments. It was challenging ensuring that each individual piece not only worked cohesively with the rest of the composition, but also told their own story and personalised the work for me. One of the things that I loved about creating my work was watching it develop portrait by portrait and observing how small details, such as subtle facial embroidery, brought the work to life.’

Greta has some advice for current and future students. ‘Do not be afraid to take risks and try something new – you may very well make something beautiful out of it.’