A commitment to Laudato Si’

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Gala dinner from Caroline Chisholm Catholic College, Braybrook.24 March 2021

The Eco Committee from Caroline Chisholm Catholic College, Braybrook, has demonstrated its commitment to the environment at a gala dinner.

Students Akshita, Cathy, Christine, Harshini, Jade, Jenny, Loan, Rahul and Sheena, members of the college’s Eco Committee, journeyed to the University of Melbourne where they presented their theme of ‘Past, Present and Future’ at the dinner hosted by Melbourne Water. The students showed dinner guests how the college is committed to sustainability and Laudato Si’.

The night began with a speech to the entire room before students joined separate tables and led guests through icebreaker activities, a virtual demonstration of the college’s plastics machines and a physical game of sorting plastic lids. The students shared what the college has in store next in the area of sustainability.

The college’s Eco Committee has been asked to host a workshop at the Kids Teaching Kids Conference later in the year.