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19 May 2021

The Educator has recently announced the excellence awardees for the Australian Education Awards 2021.

Catherine Spurritt, Director of Improvement at Avila College, Mount Waverley, is one of nine national awardees in the category of Secondary School Teacher of the Year – Non-government.

‘I am honoured and humbled to be recognised as an excellence awardee’, said Catherine.

‘2020 was such an unprecedented year for learners and teachers in schools across Australia, but particularly here in Victoria. It required us to be flexible and work collaboratively in new ways. For me, 2020 was about ensuring that no one was going to be left behind. It challenged me to explore new ways to foster engagement in learning, using digital technologies in new and creative ways.’

‘My colleagues showed such commitment to lifelong learning during 2020. It was a privilege to journey alongside them as a leader and coach, delivering personalised professional learning which met them at their point of need and enabled them to take their next step’, she concluded.

Principal of Avila College, Dr Michelle Cotter said: ‘Catherine is a gifted teacher and a lifelong learner who strives to shine a light on future possibilities for all those she works with. Catherine’s energy, enthusiasm and commitment make a difference in both big and small ways across the college on a daily basis.’

‘Dynamic in the classroom, she is also an inspiration to colleagues, leading teachers to innovate and embrace new ways of engaging students and further their teaching capacity. She provides an enriching experience for students and encourages them to develop their own passion for learning. We are very proud of all Catherine has achieved and contributed to the Avila College community’, she added.

Now in their fourth year, the awards showcase the top-performing schools, principals, department heads and teachers for their outstanding achievements and transformative work that makes a profound difference to the lives of young people across Australia.

The Australian Education Awards 2021 will be held on 27 August in Darling Island, Sydney.