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Book Week at St Paul’s School, Coburg.16 September 2021

The celebrations for Book Week at St Paul’s School, Coburg, have extended beyond the week.

The students enjoyed a virtual Book Week visit from Australian author Felice Arena. Felice has been responsible for the Specky Magee series, historical novels including Fearless Frederic and The Boy and the Spy, as well as many other books for younger readers. His presentation inspired Year 5 student Jack to share his review of A Great Escape with the author. Jack’s review is now listed on the author’s website along with reviews by teacher librarians, reviewers and booksellers.

‘This is the ripple effect of hosting an author visit’, said principal Maria Mercuri. ‘It motivates our students to read even more and encourages them to try different genres. We are thrilled to promote Book Week and author visits for this reason. We were a little apprehensive about hosting a virtual Book Week author visit, but the students’ and parents’ feedback has been extremely enthusiastic and positive. Felice Arena engaged our students immediately with his writing, illustrating tips, humour and history knowledge.’

A Great Escape is a detailed story that teaches readers the everlasting connections of family and the value of courage’, wrote Jack as part of his review. ‘It is a realistic and full-on history novel that is full of bravery, adventure and determination.’

The author was impressed by Jack’s review and approach to writing. ‘I have a feeling [Jack] will be writing books in the future’, said Felice.