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13 September 2021

student Tessa BleakleyA student from St James’ School, Vermont, has used her time in remote learning to develop her skills in persuasive writing for an important cause.

Year 2 student Tessa Bleakley explored the facts and opinions in a range of texts before taking part in a three-week persuasive writing unit. Along with her fellow students, Tessa used reasons to support her opinion and wrote strong sentences with high modality words in order to convince the audience that her opinion was the right one.

Tessa, who hopes to become a vet one day, is passionate about the rights of animals and worries a lot about people not being responsible pet owners. Since writing her persuasive piece, Tessa has adopted her very own dog.

I am writing to you because I strongly believe that every pet and animal needs a willing and sustainable home.

Did you know that during lockdown most people have decided to get pets more often, but lots of the pets that were chosen have now been returned because lots of people don’t have time for pets? I ask you to choose very wisely if you absolutely have time for animals and pets in your home and don’t forget pets need love too.

Secondly, pets love having you at home. They get love and attention and lots more. It is amazing for pets’ mental health and physical health but remember that the pets may be sad when you do go back to normal life. So try to stick to your normal day so your pet or animal does not get really sad when life is back to normal.

Finally, everyone has to remember pets and animals are not just a present, they are a lifelong job. I encourage you to take your time before buying a pet.