Mercy College re-creates ‘Obliteration Room’

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27 April 2022

The Year 10 Art class at Mercy College, Coburg, re-created a piece of installation art for all students and staff at the college to participate in.

During Term 1, the students were involved in all aspects of the re-creation of Yayoi Kusama’s Obliteration Room. The purpose of this project was for students to understand that an art installation does not happen overnight, and that it takes time, hard work and dedication to achieve the end result.

With guidance from Art teacher Ms Carnibella, the students planned how they were going to undertake the project, and understood its requirements and constraints before the fun took place. The students used circle stencils of various sizes to draw onto different coloured pieces of paper. They hand-cut over 500 circles and painted various types of furniture white to re-create a monochromatic living room. All of this preparatory work took place before setting up the space could begin. Once completed, the concept came to life for staff and students to explore.

A film has been produced to show the process of creating the installation, as well as the way students and staff experienced it.