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26 April 2022

Renae and Lucinda at Mary Queen of Heaven Primary SchoolThe principal of Mary Queen of Heaven Primary School, Greenvale, along with the first student to enrol, left a permanent impression on the school’s foundation.

Principal Renae Gentile and the first student to enrol in the school, Lucinda, left their handprints in the school’s freshly poured concrete foundation. They also left a medal of Mary as an ongoing symbol of a new school being built on a rich tradition of faith.

‘Being a Catholic school, we always talk about the foundation of our faith, and today’s really the foundation of a story and one that we can build on’, said Renae. ‘I’m so proud of what the builders have done here, what we have done as a team and what we have done with the new family we have here today.’

For Lucinda’s mum, Vanessa, the benefit of having a Catholic school in such a new and growing part of Melbourne couldn’t be underestimated. ‘It’s our faith and it’s our upbringing. I’ve been to a Catholic primary school, Catholic secondary school and Catholic university, and it’s an amazing privilege to have Mary Queen of Heaven Primary School opening in Greenvale.’

Mary Queen of Heaven Primary School opens in January 2023.