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31 March 2022

The latest group of Highly Accomplished and Lead Teachers (HALTs) has been recognised at an event at the Catholic Leadership Centre.

In 2021, our first cohort of teachers was recognised as HALTs, and this week they were joined by another 10 teachers from Catholic primary and secondary schools around the Archdiocese of Melbourne. These teachers now join the growing Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools (MACS) and national HALT networks.

The benefits of the HALT experience include:

  • raising the profile of the teaching profession
  • building a professional growth culture
  • creating a professional pathway of national significance
  • developing instructional leaders with externally validated credibility to lead conversations about improving professional practice and impact
  • facilitating collaboration through HALT alumni that will focus on the sharing of expertise to enable others.

In 2019, MACS launched the HALT Certification pilot program for teachers working in Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne. ‘We are the first system in Victoria to do this, and we join a leading group of jurisdictions and sectors across the country in doing so’, said Dr Mary Oski, Director of Learning and Regional Services. ‘Our presence in that national arena affords us the opportunity to lead and influence national dialogue, and to be at the cutting edge of research and its impact on practice.’