Building a future at Holy Trinity

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Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School, Sunbury, opening.16 May 2022

Sunbury’s newest Catholic school, Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School, is celebrating the opening of its new facilities as the school continues to grow.

The school’s stage 2 development was officially opened by Josh Bull, Victorian Government representative for Sunbury, Fergus Chisholm, General Manager of Infrastructure Services and Capital Delivery at Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools (MACS), and Parish Priest Fr Kevin McIntosh. Building on the school’s original facilities, the stage 2 development has increased learning and teaching opportunities for students and staff, both indoors and outdoors.

‘With the assistance of a state government grant and the support of MACS, we were able to build a further six flexible learning spaces, creative zones, a standalone community hub, improved and expanded multipurpose courts, a playing field and the school’s central heart: our community pavilion’, said Principal Krystine Hocking. ‘To be a brand new school in an area that’s only beginning to grow and expand, and after starting with 47 children at the beginning of 2019, we’ve now grown to a community of almost 250 children and 30 staff. Let us continue to develop and build a future at Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School.’

The total project cost of the stage 2 development was $6.3 million which included a grant of $4.95 million from the Victorian Government. Plans are currently in place for further development of the school.