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Book week at St Dominic’s School, Broadmeadows1 September 2022

For the first time since 2019, Book Week was back to normal and schools were keen to join in the celebrations.

Responding to the Children’s Book Council of Australia Book Week theme, ‘Dreaming with eyes open’, schools celebrated their love of books, reading and stories through various activities across the week. Vesna Curmi, Literacy and New Arrivals Leader at St Dominic’s School, Broadmeadows, shares the fun and learning of Book Week at her school, as well as the opportunities to celebrate students who have English as an additional language:

After being in and out of remote learning during the past two years, it was an absolute pleasure to see the engagement of the students, staff and parents with the return of Book Week. The excitement and enthusiasm were evident when the students would ask: ‘Is it Book Week today?’

The week consisted of a story writing and drawing competition based on the Book Week theme. The response to the competition was overwhelming and there was a total of 27 book prizes awarded to the successful students.

Staff, students, parents and toddlers dressed up in costumes for the Book Week parade and joined in the celebration. On the eve of the last day of Book Week, our community came together in our pyjamas and listened to stories being read by staff, including books read in another language. The event was a celebration and acknowledgement of our diverse community.

Our last day of Book Week included a buddy reading session where students would listen to or read a story to a partner from another year level. Some of our students read books in their first language with our younger students. Finally, the staff put on a spectacular performance for the school community of ‘The Return of Thelma the Unicorn’ by Aaron Blabey. Book Week at St Dominic’s was a demonstration of the gifts and talents that the community brings.