Three barks for wellbeing

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26 April 2023

Lola may be small, but she’s made a big impression on the students and staff at Holy Family School, Mount Waverley.

The cavoodle began the year as a wellbeing dog at the school and she’s already made a big impact on the school community. ‘I took my time to find the right dog that would be gentle and calm with the children’, said Principal Julie David. Lola has undergone training to prepare her for life in a school and the students have received thorough instructions on how to work with a wellbeing dog in their school. ‘We’ve taught them how to stand with her, how to approach her’, said Julie, ‘and it’s not just about student wellbeing, but staff wellbeing as well’.

Julie, teacher Rebecca Lark, and students Amelia, Hayden, Naya and Olivia discuss the benefits of the newest member of their school community.