Shining a beacon on STEM

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16 June 2023

Year 5 and 6 students at St Thomas the Apostle School, Blackburn, have been given an extraordinary opportunity to take STEM to the next level.

St Thomas the Apostle School is one of only 22 schools across the country selected for the Beacon program. The program was created by BAE Systems in partnership with specialist Australian education technology company, Lumination, to give students the opportunity to solve real-world sustainability problems through the use of emerging technologies. Students explore the realms of land, air and sea with hands-on experiences using immersive virtual reality, augmented reality, coding, robotics, artificial intelligence, 3D modelling and more.

‘This is an amazing opportunity for our students to get some real-world experience to prepare them for an ever-changing world’, said Principal Angela Lacey. ‘This is the type of experience that can inspire our students to create an exciting future.’

students gathered around a laptop student wearing a virtual reality headset