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31 March 2023

Catholic Education Week eventsCatholic Education Week provides a special focus to celebrate the uniqueness of our Catholic schools. Anne Severi, Director of Catholic Identity at Mount St Joseph Girls’ College, Altona, reflects on the activities at the college during the week:

A highlight of this term was celebrating Catholic Education Week, where we maximise every opportunity to proclaim our rich Catholic identity through hosting and participating in a broad range of events and activities.

Student representatives attended the Mass of St Patrick for Schools at St Patrick’s Cathedral and the concert in the Treasury Gardens. On campus, we had a visit from Michael McGirr, Mission Director of Caritas Australia, who spoke with the whole school about the work of Caritas Australia and the role we play in supporting this Catholic organisation.

Other activities during the week included a staff morning tea with student leaders, faith-filled quizzes during morning pastoral sessions, chapel prayer, staff professional learning, parent workshops, fundraising events, lunchtime club activities and Irish celebrations for St Patrick’s Day. As part of the week, we also chose to celebrate Harmony Day with a shared picnic, music, dancing and traditional clothing. With over 50 nationalities represented at the college, we are proud of our diversity and the richness it brings to our community.