Coburg student takes up the climate change fight

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11 May 2023

Student Finn from St Bernard’s School, Coburg East, and his cousin Amelia take on the guise of superheroes to save the planet from climate change in a compelling video aimed at encouraging other students to also take action.

The superheroes explain the science of climate change before calling on consumers, big business and government to take action to keep the planet healthy for future generations.

Principal Joanne Doherty praised the two calling them ‘shining lights’.

‘Finn and Amelia have demonstrated a wonderful ability to grasp a complex scientific issue and respond with a powerful, targeted communication tool’, she said. ‘They are hoping their video can be shared among primary schools around the country to help keep the momentum going around addressing climate change.’

The two-minute video uses a clever combination of graphics, still images and acting to encourage fellow students to write to the Minister for the Environment on Earth Day in April each year.