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15 May 2023

Young writers and illustrators in Sorrento have been inspired by the best in the business as part of a new festival.

St Joseph’s School, Sorrento, hosted the Sorrento Writers Festival Children’s Program, with 13 visiting authors and illustrators sharing stories and inspiring students over two days. The special guests talked about how they came up with ideas and developed stories, their experiences of editing and publishing books, and the challenges they had overcome. Students dramatised stories, practised illustrating characters and took the opportunity to ask hundreds of questions.

‘It was a thrill to host this special part of the festival, and to give our students such a unique and inspirational experience’, said Principal Monica O’Shannassy. ‘Our students were able to celebrate their interest in storytelling with creative professionals. I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with and perhaps some of them will be presenting at future writers festivals.’

The Children’s Program was part of the inaugural Sorrento Writers Festival, a four-day celebration of writers, academics, journalists, publishers, thinkers and creators. Co-hosted by St Joseph’s School and Sorrento Primary School, the Children’s Program featured appearances by writers and illustrators including Marita Bullock, Jane Godwin, Joan-Maree Hargreaves, Megan Hess, Sofie Laguna, Andrew McDonald, Amelia Mellor, Jess Racklyeft, Sally Rippin, Andrea Rowe, Tai Snaith, Zeno Sworder and Ben Wood.

Sorrento Writers Festival Children’s Program Sorrento Writers Festival Children’s Program