Fighting MND in Lancefield

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18 October 2023

Finding a cure for motor neurone disease (MND) was front and centre for students and staff at St Mary’s School, Lancefield, when FightMND rolled into town for the Daniher’s Drive fundraiser.

Co-founded by Neale Daniher, FightMND was established to raise funds towards research to find better treatments and, ultimately, a cure for MND. Neale’s sister Colleen Breust, a Year 3/4 teacher at St Mary’s School, was instrumental in bringing Daniher’s Drive to the school for the community there to learn more about the impact of MND and the importance of fundraising.

Arriving in a fleet of classic cars, the team from Daniher’s Drive went up against a team from the school in the ice bucket relay. Despite being made up of former football players, including brothers Anthony and Chris Daniher, Ben Holland, David Neitz and Guy Rigoni, the team from Daniher’s Drive was no match for the team of teachers and students from St Mary’s School who came out victorious.

The community raised hundreds of dollars for FightMND and committed to incorporate a fundraiser each year to continue to support this important work.

Daniher’s Drive fundraiser