Catholic schools work to build on experiences for remote learning 2.0

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17 July 2020

Students in Prep to Year 10 will return to remote learning in Catholic schools across metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire on Monday 20 July, following the return of Years 11 and 12 and specialist schools to onsite learning a week ago.

‘Catholic Education Melbourne and our schools have been working hard to identify both the benefits and challenges of the earlier experience of flexible and remote learning’, said Jim Miles, Executive Director of Catholic Education Melbourne.

‘Working with Catholic School Parents Victoria, a set of remote learning surveys were developed for students, staff and parents. To date, more than 100 schools have utilised the surveys and 100,000 responses are being analysed. Survey data will be fed back to schools in the coming week, with data across the system to be further analysed to identify key themes.

‘The results will provide a rich body of information to inform improvements, both for this second period of remote learning and in how education is delivered in our schools moving forward.’

Mr Miles said feedback had particularly highlighted that the experience of remote learning is different for each family.

‘We understand that every family’s home circumstances are different, and schools are working to respond as flexibly as possible to their needs.

‘Access to appropriate devices and technology continues to be a strong focus, particularly for disadvantaged students.

‘Many schools have also indicated they will strengthen their focus on online social interaction opportunities for students, as well as an emphasis on curriculum fundamentals of numeracy and literacy.

‘It is pleasing that feedback has shown that parent partnerships have generally been strengthened by the first remote learning experience.

‘As we move into Term 3 for all students, we will be deeply challenged again, requiring us to work together and support each other as a Catholic education community. Once again, I thank all our families for their ongoing support.’

Mr Miles said care for teachers and staff will also be an important focus for schools.

‘Our teachers and staff have worked extremely hard in a rapidly changing environment for several months now, and schools are well aware of the importance of caring for their wellbeing.’

Catholic Education Melbourne continues to actively monitor developments and work closely with the Victorian Departments of Education and Training (DET) and Health and Human Services (DHHS) to ensure school practices reflect current advice.

More than 20% of all students in metropolitan Melbourne attend nearly 350 Catholic schools across the Archdiocese. More information about COVID-19 and Catholic schools can be found on the Catholic Education Melbourne website.

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