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Mr Goldman Sachs complains of ‘special deals’?

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s question time claims today the opposition has cut ‘a special deal for the Catholic school system’ just don’t stand up.


A conclusion in search of a premise

Fairfax Media have today put a series of questions to Catholic education about a list of schools. 


Fact checking the fact checkers

When a supposed ‘fact check’ begins by getting the name of the organisation under scrutiny wrong, it’s pretty clear that what’s going to follow won’t exactly be much chop.


Celebrating St Patrick and Catholic education

Three thousand students from over 300 Catholic schools from across greater Melbourne led by Celtic pipers and bearing their school banners will march at St Patrick’s Cathedral in East Melbourne tomorrow morning to mark the eve of St Patrick’s Day.


Memo Mr Frydenberg

Memo from Mr Stephen Elder, Executive Director, Catholic Education Melbourne to the Hon Josh Frydenberg MP, Minister for the Environment and Energy, Member for Kooyong.


Memo Mr Wilson

Memo from Mr Stephen Elder, Executive Director, Catholic Education Melbourne to Mr Tim Wilson MP, Member for Goldstein.


The Minister for Special Deals is in no position to lecture

Complaints by Education Minister Simon Birmingham this morning about Catholic schools and “special deals” should be treated with derision, according to CECV Executive Director Stephen Elder.


Birmingham threatens Catholic NAPLAN achievements

Catholic schools across the state have again shown their strength and standard in the 2017 NAPLAN data released today


New Nationals leader should go back to school on Catholic education

New Nationals Leader Michael McCormack needs a refresher course on Coalition school funding policy, Catholic Education Commission of Victoria Ltd (CECV) Executive Director Stephen Elder says.


We want to engage on real reform

Catholic education nation-wide always wants to work with representatives of all non-government schools on real reform, Catholic Education Commission of Victoria Ltd (CECV) Executive Director Stephen Elder says.


$747 million annual spending on wealthiest schools exposes broken model

The Federal Coalition is spending $747 million each year funding wealthy private schools that already meet their school resourcing standard from their own pockets...


Catholic education welcomes police in schools

The Catholic Education Commission of Victoria Ltd (CECV) has welcomed the Victorian Coalition’s pledge to restore a police in schools program, Executive Director Stephen Elder says.


Birmingham hits the panic button with Gonski ads

Simon Birmingham has the back to school panics – but they’re not over whether the kids’ have the right shoes or if their textbooks are all covered.


Reshuffle regrettable missed opportunity

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has missed a major opportunity to win back the trust and confidence of Catholic school communities.


Birmingham ‘confused’ about fee rises? We can set him straight

Education Minister Simon Birmingham is reportedly ‘confused’ about fee increases in Catholic schools stemming from his own funding model.


Save Our Schools – the stopped clock of education policy

The Turnbull Government’s Gonski 2.0 package massively over-funds wealthy independent schools.


Auditor General’s report shows a broken system

The Auditor General's report Monitoring the Impact of Australian Government School Funding shows how school funding needs fundamental change, not tinkering.


Birmingham forgets disability details

Simon Birmingham’s recent comments fails to recognise crucial details


New data exposes school funding flaws

Catholic and other inclusive non-government schools are being short-changed.


National School Resourcing Board must be truly independent

The National School Resourcing Board announced today  must be truly independent, CECV Executive Director, Stephen Elder, has warned.


The Class of 2017 ready for the VCE

Backed by our thoughts and prayers, over 14,000 Year 12s across Victoria’s Catholic schools are making final preparations ahead of the VCE exams.