Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools launches inaugural strategic plan

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20 October 2022

Following an extensive process of consultation and development, Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools (MACS) has now launched its inaugural strategic plan – MACS 2030: Forming Lives to Enrich the World.

Board Chair Gerard Dalbosco said Archbishop of Melbourne, Most Rev Peter A Comensoli had challenged the board and the Catholic education community to be ‘bold and ambitious’ in developing the inaugural plan for the body formed in January 2021 to operate approximately 300 Catholic schools across the Archdiocese.

‘This is an exciting plan for Catholic education that I believe responds faithfully to Archbishop Peter’s challenge’, Mr Dalbosco said.

‘While recognising the changing needs of students and families, and the ever-evolving world around us, the plan stays faithful to Catholic education’s core purpose of forming lives of faith, hope and love in the light of Jesus Christ.’

Mr Dalbosco said parents are increasingly looking for a more holistic approach to education – one that is focused on development of the ‘whole person’, and will help their child succeed and be happy and confident in the world, no matter what path their future may follow.

‘This aligns strongly with the distinctive promise of Catholic schools to provide an education that is focused on the whole person and tailored to each student’s individual needs and, in doing so, presents us with a significant opportunity.’

Executive Director Jim Miles said the plan aligns the efforts of MACS staff to make the most of what a Catholic education has to offer, and ensure schools can deliver the greatest and most distinctive impact in classrooms, staffrooms and school communities.

‘We want our schools to inspire and enable every child to flourish and, in turn, enrich the world around them.

‘The plan is an inspiration to us all and a challenge to rise collectively to the responsibility we are privileged to share. And while our strategy aims to inspire, it also aims to be practical and to foster conditions for deep systemic improvement, and to take the action we need to deliver our plan and enable our vision to come to life’, Mr Miles said.

Archbishop Peter said he is personally encouraged by the tremendous witness Catholic school teachers give to the person of Christ Jesus every day, and their creativity and commitment to excellence in a complex time like the present.

‘Especially to our teachers and principals, I want to entrust our common work for the strategy ahead, my prayer and trust in your faithfulness, and the conviction that faith, hope and love are available to every student in your care, in partnership with their parents, families and faith communities’, he said.

‘We are at the start of our journey, with much work to do’, Mr Miles added. ‘I encourage everyone with an interest in Catholic education to find out more about the strategic plan by visiting the website and joining us as we move forward together in the light of Jesus Christ.’

MACS is responsible for the governance and operation of approximately 300 Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne, employing over 16,000 teaching and non-teaching staff, who serve more than 112,000 students.

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