Catholic Education welcomes Dan Tehan appointment

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26 August 2018

Statement by Mr Stephen Elder, Executive Director, Catholic Education Commission of Victoria Ltd (CECV):

I welcome the appointment of Dan Tehan as Minister for Education.

Mr Tehan has already served in the complex and often sensitive portfolios of veterans’ affairs and social services, portfolios that require both a listener and a doer.

As a Member of the House of Representatives and regional MP he is well aware of the need of speaking to and engaging with his constituency.

Mr Tehan will also recognise the challenges of providing parental choice in education outside the capital cities.

I look forward to working with Mr Tehan and the Prime Minister to replace school SES scores with a better measure of school needs, as recommended by the National School Resourcing Board, as a matter of priority, a recognition of the importance of choice in education for Catholic school parents – and bringing the school funding wars of the past 15 months to an end with the fair and equitable solution Catholic education has always sought.

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