2018-19 Victorian State Budget

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1 May 2018

Comments from Mr Stephen Elder, Executive Director, Catholic Education Commission of Victoria Ltd (CECV).

It’s fine for the state government to talk about booming state school enrolments, but they are denying parents choice by not providing adequate support to allow Catholic schools to meet demand.

It’s disappointing to see the lack of commitment in capital works funding for the Catholic school sector across the forward estimates, particularly given the support of recent years.

We look forward to the state government rectifying the shortfall in capital works expenditure in the lead up to the November state election.

We all know the challenges Melbourne’s booming population is creating for essential services such as education.

We’re trying to play our part in easing the burden on government schools – and the taxpayer – by building schools of our own in key growth areas.

We trust the state government recognises the importance of this work.

Catholic school enrolments could grow by up to a third if greater government support to build the facilities needed to meet demand was available, our research indicates. I don’t need to explain how this would create a new wave of savings and reduce strains in the government school sector.

It would also be building on an established track record of making public money go a long way, with Catholic school communities already raising at least 80 per cent of every dollar they spend on capital works.

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