Liberal–National support shows significance of Catholic schools

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10 October 2018

The Catholic Education Commission of Victoria Ltd (CECV) has hailed the Liberal–National Party’s pledge to provide $400 million across the next four years for non-government schools if elected on 24 November as a win for parental choice.

‘The right of parents to choose the school that they believe best meets their children’s needs is a fundamental Liberal principle – a principle Liberal leader Matthew Guy has honoured with his pledge today’, Executive Director Stephen Elder said.

‘This funding will help us ensure we can deliver on our end of the deal and provide the facilities needed to guarantee choice.

‘This week, the state’s major parties have provided a remarkable vote of confidence in Catholic education.

‘They have not only endorsed the quality and strength of our school system, but its significance to the state.

‘The planning changes Mr Guy and education spokesman Tim Smith have unveiled today will help us build a smarter system, better able to adapt to the community’s needs in this time of near-unprecedented population growth.

‘This announcement recognises that Catholic education is the only school sector outside the state system truly able to partner with government and meet the current need for school places.

‘I know the Liberal and National parties keep a close eye on the bottom line.

‘Already, every student in a Catholic school saves the taxpayer 75 per cent of the average cost of educating a student in a government school. This amounts to some $7,500 per year – or nearly $100,000 for each student over the 13 years of their school life.

‘We also have an established track record of making government support go a long way, with Catholic school communities already raising 80 per cent of every dollar they spend on capital works.

‘We thank Mr Guy for his support and recognition today.’

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